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First launched in 2014, three months post-typhoon Haiyan, with the main objective to build the capacity of PE teachers and coaches on the use of sports as tool for psychosocial relief and community engagement. Through partnerships and donations from local and international organizations, SportPhil provided support and training to nearly 200 participants, many of whom continue to apply today the methods taught to them in encouraging social interaction and rekindling a sense of hope among their students.

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SWEEP 2021

SWEEP 2014

Sport for Women’s Empowerment and Employment in the Philippines

For many years, women and girls have been part of the vulnerable sector in society due to lack of access, funds, and opportunities. Their experience in the field of sports is no less different. Although many women excel in various aspects of sports and leadership, they gain little recognition compared to their male counterparts – a clear message of the social and cultural biases they often face.

Sports participation has proven benefits for a child’s growth and character development, and help keep societies fit and resilient. Studies have continually proven that women and girls who engage in sports have higher levels of confidence, perform better academically, and develop positive overall well-being and outlook in life.

The Sport Management Council of the Philippines (SportPhil) has advocated women in sports empowerment through its first conference in partnership with the Philippine Women’s University in 2014. Since then, SportPhil has organized various sport-for-development outreach programs all over the country through teachers’ training, sport clinics, and sport-for-relief interventions.

Today, as the whole world struggles under the “new normal,” SportPhil hopes to revive the passion for sports in time for International Women’s month with the 1st S.W.E.E.P. virtual conference this March 24 to 26, 2021. The mission remains the same: to train teachers, coaches, and sport professionals in the unique aspects of managing and engaging women and girls in sport, and adaptive sport.

For this year 2021, the conference will feature 6 program tracks that tackle practical approaches to sport programs, sport training and sport entrepreneurship, with due consideration to what is relevant and applicable amidst the pandemic. These are:

  • Sport-for-Community: Sports bring people together. Communities who engage in sports are most likely to develop strong social bonds and create a safer and more peaceful environment. Sport leaders and professionals will discuss the importance of sport in community relationship building, and initiatives to implement.
  • Sports and Fitness in the Digital Space: Making sure athletes stay in shape amid the coronavirus pandemic’s “new normal,” is no easy task. Here, teachers will share the evolving practices and methods in online and modular learning in physical education and sports. This track will also showcase digital variants of sport training, sport competition and safety protocols in its preparation.
  • Research Methods and Trends for Women in Sports Studies: Research has been largely underrepresented in women in sport studies. To understand the trends, gaps, and impact of women in sports in our context, this program track aims to encourage interested researchers to pursue this field by introducing the relevant research methods and results of recent studies.
  • Women Who Win: Understanding the importance of visible role models and mentors in sports, this segment will feature notable female athletes in various stages of their sporting career: from athletes in competition, to athletes in technical, managerial, and leadership positions.
  • Sport Coaches Bootcamp: Training boys and girls; is there a difference? This program-track will tackle appropriate considerations in training women, including testing, nutrition, and methods of positive reinforcement.
  • Sport Careers and Entrepreneurship: Hear the real-life experiences of athletes and sport entrepreneurs on how they turned around their businesses to succeed in the “new normal”. From sport academies, virtual racing, merchandising and more. Find exclusive deals, scholarships, jobs, and business opportunities only here at SWEEP!

The event is co-presented by the University of Tenessee’s Center for Sport, Peace, and Society, which has worked with international sports leaders and mentors to develop action plans towards sport inclusion for women and persons with disabilities, together with the immense support of ESPN’s The Stuart Scott ENSPIRE Award.

SWEEP is also made possible through its partnership with the U.S. Department of State Sports Diplomacy, espnW, which empowers women in the world of sports through focused and enhanced coverage of female athletes and women’s sports, and the Global Sports Mentoring Program


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