SPORTS- one of the things that gather and unite people to celebrate and be entertained, especially if the players, individuals or teams involved, were the ones they idolize the most.

With the help of sponsors who are really into sports, the Asian Association Sports Management (AASM) held its annual conference with the theme “Developing and Discovering the Sports Industry Potential for Asia.” This year’s three-day conference for local and international delegates was conducted at De La Salle University (DLSU), Manila, from August 2 to 4.

For the first day of the event for local delegates, as led by Emmanuel Calanog of DLSU introduced the speakers, Boyet Sison, Cathy Nazareno, Chappy Callanta and Matthew Manotoc were invited to discuss different aspects and topics for sports, respectively.


Boyet Sison, an anchor/host of ABS-CBN News Channel discussed that sports media is created to let the people know about the game, informed about the game, and look forward to the game. Sison also described the commitment between the messenger (also known as the sportscaster) and the audience, then and now.

In addition, Sison also stated that having sports media is always needed as people need to be informed.

Having sports media as a business is really tough for Sison to convince the audience, for as a sportscaster must be really creative in describing the actual game, and since most of the present generation is no longer into radio, for him, live streaming is the answer.

“Sports is the great equalizer and today, I am equal for you,” Sison said as he ends his topic.


Cathy Nazareno of Can Sports Group and Asian Football Confederation (AFC) also agreed that there is a business in sports. For her, as she emphasized, having fans is one of the most important factors which leads to different sponsorships.

Sports sponsorship for Nazareno is a highly developed communication tool and most sophisticated and well-developed compared to music, arts, and community relations.

“Brands wants to build community and brands wants to create loyalty,” Nazareno said.

Nazareo also differentiated the benefits of brands and fans, vice versa. Brands attempt to influence customers purchasing decisions, while the fans will transfer their trust and positive feelings to the quality of an endorsed product as used by their idols.

“It is not just the game. It’s about a business game! Forget about sports politics, think about business, athletes and fans.”

For her post evaluation, she stated that an event can never be finished until the last report is given and feedback is always important.


From the 360 Fitness Club, Fitness Program Director, Chappy Callanta started his discussion on personal training and coaching by stating their 360 Fitness Club quotation, “Gear up for life,” and let the audience, later on, realized what his discussion really is all about.

Callanta also stated ten (10) tips on starting and being committed to the business, not just starting a fitness business, but for all types of businesses as he shared his experiences on the industry.

  1. Partner up. Without partners, you can’t help it roll the ground.
  2. Be Innovative. Keep educating yourself in entertaining the public.
  3. Widen your scope. Go beyond what you’re doing right now.
  4. Empower your staff. One of the most important parts of your success.
  5. Empower your clients. Do campaigns with them and make them feel important.
  6. Never settle. Always learn and go out there and apply them.
  7. Use some friendly competition.
  8. Don’t be scared to fail. It will lead to eventual success.
  9. Be patient
  10. Always inspire.


“As a sports agent, we don’t manage sports, we manage athletes. You wouldn’t be a successful agent if you don’t care about your athletes.”

Matthew Manotoc, co-founder of Espiritu Manotoc Basketball Management (EMBM) also stated some facts on being a good agent.

First on his list is to have good contacts for the sports agent to seek and to know the right people, to know the game and always negotiate. He also stated to be cool and likeable. The athlete and the agent must trust each other and have the confidence to build a commitment.

There will always a conflict of being an agent, but to deal with this, coaching is the key to produce more incentives and more sponsorship.

To close his discussion, just like Cathy Nazareno, the fans and their expectations are always important to continue the business.

As for the last part of the discussion, some local delegates and participants had the chance to ask questions for the speakers.

The second part of AASM Conferences’ first day was followed by Assoc. Prof. Hercules Callanta from Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) with the topic “Developing the Total Athlete: Guide to Strategic Athletic Administration,” and “Fundamentals of Fund-raising for Schools and Other Organizations” discussed by Edwin Reyes of De La Salle University (DLSU).

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