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By Rex Velasquez, Pilipinas Futsal Association

It is hard to build a football team, since football is still an unknown sport. There are so many problems encountered in organizing a football team. First, we have to convince more players to join since football is a 11-on-11 game. Then there is the problem of players having no football shoes – players still having to invest in their football shoes to be able to play the game. Another problem is there are only a few football fields and rentals are expensive. During weekends, it is hard to find an available time for practices. These are only a few of the problems with a football team.

 The Pilipinas Futsal Association (PFA) believes that sport organizations are meant to encourage more people to be active in sports.

futsal 1

 Why Futsal? Here are several reasons:

  1. Abundance of covered courts in the Philippines – Futsal can be played in any basketball covered courts, therefore, it is easier to find a regular practice venue. Plus, rental fee is sure to be cheaper.
  2. Everyone already have rubber shoes – Futsal can be played instantly by anyone. No need to buy an expensive football shoes.
  3. Futsal creates a complete player – A player who can both defend & attack.
  4. Futsal can be played anywhere, anytime by anyone – Futsal requires less participants: only 5 vs. 5 players, therefore, it is easier to organize a game for. Futsal can be played at night.
  5. Futsal is fast-paced and high-scoring, ideal to Filipino spectators – Futsal will be more fun to watch, plus with a smaller playing area, the players are closer to the spectators.
  6. Futsal is the most efficient grassroots development for football – the Futsal Development Program for kids is more cost-efficient.
  7. Futsal is safer and is a lesser contact sport than football – Futsal can be played by both men and women.

There are over 44,000 schools in all levels all over the Philippines (almost 2,000 are in the NCR) and only a few have football fields. However, more than 50% of these schools already have basketball courts. You just place 2 Futsal goals on each end of the court and you can already play Futsal. We have not even counted the barangay basketball courts yet, in which every barangay has its own multi-purpose covered courts.


Why trust the PFA?

We organize Futsal Tournaments around the Philippines:

  • Pilipinas Futsal Cup Winners Cup (PFCWC)
  • Luzon Premier Futsal League (LPFL)
  • Pilipinas Futsal Collegiate Champions League (PFCCL)
  • Philippine Inter School Futsal Cup (PISFC) ((Elementary, High School, College))
  • PFA Youth Futsal Cup

The PFA is willing to assist in organizing Futsal competitions. We already have the necessary materials and manpower to organize futsal tournaments (Futsal goals, list of venues, scoreboards, rules, balls, materials, organizing staff & referees).

futsal clinic

We are also willing to share our knowledge about the sport. We believe that this can be our contribution in providing better opportunities for more kids.

  • Futsal Clinics for Kids – Teaching kids a new sport will encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Life values can be learned from playing sports.
  • Coaching Seminars – Coaching Futsal can be an alternative part-time job.
  • Refereeing Seminars – Refereeing is a good part-time job since there are still a handful of Futsal Referees in the Philippines.

Through the contact information below, SportPhil is in contact with different Futsal organizations abroad for possibilities of a futsal exchange program, tournament partnerships & various futsal projects.

For questions on Futsal in the Philippines, contact Coach Xarex Velasquez,, Kick for G.O.A.L.S (G-reater O-pportunities for A-ll to L-earn & S-hare) or Pilipinas Futsal Association Facebook Page

Photos courtesy of the Pilipinas Futsal Association Facebook Page.

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