Girl power is in full swing, as women in various industries are finally making their presence felt, realizing their crucial role in shaping the future of individuals, communities, and the world.

In the realm of sports, a small but active pro-girl initiative is hoping to do just that. Girls Got Game (GGG) is a roving sports camp designed specifically for girls in difficult economic conditions. Founded in Manila, Philippines and run by passionate ex-athletes, the camp aims to equip pre-teen girls with an athlete’s mind and body to help them rise out of their current situations. The camp runs for four consecutive days in various locations around the Philippines, with a focus on less affluent areas.


GGG advocates all sports that instill the values of discipline, hard work, teamwork, confidence, and grit. However, the early cycles of GGG focus on three team sports—basketball, football/soccer, and volleyball. During the camp, athletes are trained physically with skills and drills per sport, followed by a friendly scrimmage. They are also given mental and emotional training by female role models who share personal stories about their own experiences with sports. Ultimately, our vision is to empower young Filipinas with important life lessons through sports.

GGG launched its inaugural camp on May 21-24, 2015 with 90+ pre-teens participating and 80+ elite female athletes volunteering. At the camp, we taught our participants the basics of our focus sports and key values of discipline, perseverence, respect, and teamwork.

Not only was GGG able to introduce low-income pre-teens to the wonderful world of sports, but the program has since evolved into a thriving platform where elite female athletes are given an opportunity to give back to young female athletes through the thing they know and love most—sports.

girls got game basketball

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