By Bernardo Gabriel L. Atienza, SBP Deputy Executive Director

As a backgrounder on the origin of the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP), the duly recognized governing body for basketball in the Philippines, its registration was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on September 21, 2006 and was ratified on the 5th of February 2007 by what is popularly known as the Unity Congress. Convened for this purpose by the major stakeholders of Philippine Basketball, the Unity Congress was witnessed by and approved its provisions by no less than Federacion Internationale Basketball Association (FIBA) Secretary-General Parick Baumann. Philippine Basketball was thereafter reinstated as a member of FIBA with full rights to participate in international basketball after more than two years of suspension.

The first Board of Trustees of SBP then convened and elected as its first President, Manuel V. Pangilinan. The Official Headquarters/Main Office of SBP was then built and is dedicated to all Filipinos, whom MVP believes has all the love and passion for basketball. The SBP Main Office, together with the Area and Regional Offices spread throughout the country, stand as a strong symbol of commitment to bring Philippine Basketball to a higher path, illuminated by the eternal principle of unity, and focused on grassroots development and international excellence.

Here is an infographic displaying the organizational structures of FIBA and SBP:


fiba sbp infog

As shown in the graphic above, the SBP structure is a delineation and illustration of the Five (5) Areas and the 16 Regional Offices, with corresponding Heads of the said Areas and Regional Directors.

FIBA Mandates

There were certain mandates made by FIBA on Coaching and Officiating:

  • Create database of all coaches.
  • The National Federation (NF) is mandated to form the Coaches’ Commission of which ALL coaches in the country should be obliged to be members.
  • To issue Coaches’ licenses.
  • To Organize clinics, seminars, refresher courses, conferences and other similar activities.
  • Create database on all Referees’ Supervisors, Game Commissioners, Instructors, Supervisors and Table Official.
  • NF is mandated to oversee the conduct of Referees’ Clinics and Technical Accreditation Seminars.
  • NF shall primarily be responsible for applying the principles of FIBA and unchanged standards of interpretation of all Basketball Rules and Regulation.

SBP Relationships with POC, PSC, FIBA, FIBA Asia, SEABA, et al

The following are the functions, responsibilities, obligations and other related matters of SBP, through decisions, documentations and other actions issued both by the Philippine Supreme Court and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS).

  1. The SBP has the task of coordinating with the government arm in charge of providing the proper logistics in its development program/s, the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), tasked to finance the over-all programs of each and every NSA, etc.

The following include the mechanics of such functions of SBP in dealing with, among others, the International Federations or IF (FIBA, FIBA Asia, SEABA, etc.), the POC, the PSC, and other related agencies/entities:

  • Preparation of the Annual Budget correspondingly with the enumerated/ lined-up events and activities of the NSA;
  • Enumeration of the different competitions as lined up by the IF, composed mostly of Zonal, sub-zonal/Regional and World Championships, POC/PSC – organized tournaments, e.g. PNG and the Batang Pinoy, others, etc.;
  • Coordinate with the Dept. of Education in technically assisting their organizing committee conduct their National Basketball Championship (better known as the Palarong Pambansa); the CHED and the SCUAA ( State Colleges and Universities) also has its own version of its National Games;
  • Others.
  1. Conducting National Championships for SBP as the Mother of all Championships conducted by ALL the 65 Active Members and its Associates Nationwide (as of the end of the 3rd Quarter of 2013).
  1. Continuous campaign in recruiting all groups, individuals, corporate entities, LGU’s, etc., relevant to its intent in propagating/promoting basketball in their respective basketball jurisdiction, as mandated by FIBA; such program include Talent Identification, which is actually self-explanatory;
  1. Announcing programs conducted by SBP, including but not limited to, and as mandated by FIBA and FIBA Asia, national and regional tournaments, referees and technical officials accreditation and licensing seminars, National Coaches Accreditation and Licensing Program (NCALP), players’ classroom and on-court clinics that may include seminars on values formation, personality development, Sports/NSA Management, etc.
  1. Preparing the structure of running and managing the plans and programs of an NSA (Level 2).
  1. Conceptualizing and devising an Evaluation and Assessment System for all of the above to determine the Direction of an NSA.
  1. Hosting of International and/or Regional/Zonal Competitions as we witnessed in the recent 27th FIBA Asia Championship for Men last Aug. 1-11, 2013.
  1. Replacing Mission & Vision of an NSA with a Grand Generalized Philosophy in handling the affairs of an NSA.
  1. Q and A.

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