By Edster Miranda Sy

“Let youth kindle dreams, let sports prosper!”

I was moved when I read the copy of the speech of Dean Philip Ella Juico about Sports Value Formation. He described himself as a Sports Teacher—“who believes in the potential of sports to impart, especially to the youth, values inherent in sports.” Instilling values, such as fair play, sportsmanship, discipline, humility, courage and love for our country, Dean Juico stressed the importance of sports to Human Development.

Philippine Baseball Team

Philippine Baseball Team

On one side, our national athletes are our “elite athletes”; they are the best of the best. They are given allowances and are being supported financially to train hard to represent our country in various competitions. The youth looks up to them as sport heroes, an inspiration, to someday follow in their footsteps. On the other side, schools hire coaches and trainers to handle their different sports programs such as basketball, volleyball, track and field, and many more. Where do schools look for competent coaches? More often, alumni of the school who served as varsity players before are now being tapped as coaches or trainers. Most of them did not even reach national athlete levels.

Also, funds are being generated through different sport clinics, which are being held during summer in different schools, barangays, or sport clubs. Putting these things together gave me the idea to establish a sport event organization, “Elite Teachers of Sport,” which could train our national athletes or elite athletes to become sport teachers. Athletes have tremendous influence on the youth. Their athleticism and passion for sport will be equipped with value formation methods and teaching techniques to cater to the young ones. In the same way, they will earn financially to support their other needs while the National Sports Association (NSA) also raises funds for its financial needs. The Elite Sport Teachers can also provide schools with credible coaches and trainers. They will be composed of leaders who are experienced in sport management with the capability of equipping the athletes to be Sport Teachers.


Current Marketing Situation

There usually are a lot of sports clinics being offered by different organizations especially during the summer break (e.g. Milo sports clinic, Hoops, Coach E, etc.). The attendance is outstanding. The Step One Basketball clinic at Grace Christian High School usually has more than 150 participants. Basketball leagues, such as the intramurals, alumni leagues, inter-barangays, and many more are being held yearly. These events generate income. Most of these events do not even tap sponsorship and solely depend on the participation fees of teams or participants to shoulder the operating expenses. With proper marketing strategies these events can earn more, and with the added income the events can be staged better. Thus, more teams or participants can join and more companies will sponsor these events.

Filipino long jump athletes Katherine Santos and Marestella Torres | Photo by Vic Adornado via InterAKTV

Filipino long jump athletes Katherine Santos and Marestella Torres | Photo by Vic Adornado via InterAKTV

What will the Elite Teachers of Sport offer?

A. Sport Events

The Elite Teachers of Sport will be responsible in organizing sport events for companies, schools, barangays, and other institutions for events, such as:

  1. Competitions or Tournaments
  2. Sport Clinics
  3. Team Building Workshops
  4. Senior Citizen Sport Activities

B. Expertise in the Sport

The organization will work with athletes who have excelled in their respective sport and have in-depth experience in competitions to ensure the success of the event. These athletes will be trained to focus not only in the development of skills, but also in officiating and value formation. One of the major roles of the leaders of the Elite Teachers of Sports is to train the athletes on how to be a sport teacher because a good athlete doesn’t assure that he will be a good coach or trainer.

C. Wide Variety of Sports to Choose from in Partnership with the NSA

D. Marketing Potential

Sport events are possible venues for sponsors especially if the events are well organized. Giving proper media exposure to the events will further strengthen the marketing value to the sport programs of the organization.

E. Proper Safety

Elite Teachers of Sport will assure the participants that the event have sufficient first aid equipment and personnel in case of injuries or accidents.

F. Value Integration

Elite Teachers of Sport will be tapping resource speakers to stress the importance of fair play, friendly competition, teamwork, respecting the rules and the officials. Part of the objective of any sport event is to build camaraderie and friendship among its participants. A collaborative effort will be put up to ensure the integrity of the games that will be played.

G. Grassroots Program

Elite Teachers of Sport will help the school develop a well-planned and executed sport curriculum and ensure that it will be implemented. The curriculum will be geared towards strengthening the skills, knowledge, and values of the students. Events will be provided for the youth to strengthen their competitiveness and be exposed to different sports that can earn them athletic scholarships. Schools that will tap the athletes as their coaches or trainers gain advantage in terms of updated training programs and experience in competition; this enhances the chance of the students or the youth to represent the Philippines in International competitions. With a good grassroots program, this is where we can find the next athlete that can truly give us the Olympic gold.

 The Elite Teachers of Sport will offer schools and companies different sporting events depending on their needs or wants. Choices vary from the different sports in our NSA or any recreational games they would prefer. Participation fees will be assessed according to the facilities, equipment and personnel they would need. The marketing rights will be given to the Elite Teachers of Sport, which will be used to invite sponsors for additional income.


Interview with Ms. Dina Bernardo, Chairperson of the Athletes Commission, Philippine Olympic Committee

Speech of Dean Juico to the Philippine Association of Physical Education INC. (PAPE)


EDSTER MIRANDA SY earned his Post Graduate Degree in Sports and Recreational Management at the De La Salle Professional School of Business. His companies include Sports Management Solutions and Headstart Sports Academy. He is currently a Sports Marketing Consultant for Freego Jeans.

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